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  1. Prenesi GENEVO Updater
  2. Zaženi  GenevoUpdater.exe
  3. Z USB kablom priključite detektor na USB priključekna računalniku
  4. Kliknite na gumb "DOWNLOAD"
    Če je naročnina na vaš detektor potekla, jo lahko kupite spodaj ⇓
  5. Končano! Vaša naprava je bila uspešno posodobljena :)



  1. Pridobite serijsko številko detektorja (na hrbtni strani detektorja, na škatli ali v meniju detektorja)
    MAX SN
  2. Pojdite na GENEVOUPDATE.COM in izberite "Manual serial number input"
    MAX SN
  3. Vnesite serijsko številko in kliknite "verify"
    MAX SN
  4. prenesite arhivski paket datotek .zip
    MAX SN
  5. Razširite .zip paket datotek na USB ključ
    (ključ mora biti formatiran v FAT32 datotečnem sistemu).  

    Za posodabljanje priporočamo USB ključke Samsung ali SanDisk s kapaciteto manjšo od 64 GB, naprava mora biti formatirana na datotečni sistem FAT32.

  6. Vstavite USB ključ (s priloženim adapterjem) v detektor in ga nato vklopite na napajanje (v vozilu).
    MAX SN
  7. Počakajte, da se posodobitev konča, in vaša naprava je že pripravljena!
  1. Prenesi GENEVO Updater
  2. Zaženi  GenevoUpdater.exe
  3. Z USB kablom priključite detektor na USB priključekna računalniku
  4. Kliknite na gumb "DOWNLOAD"
    Če je naročnina na vaš detektor potekla, jo lahko kupite spodaj ⇓
  5. Končano! Vaša naprava je bila uspešno posodobljena :)

  1. Prenesi GENEVO Updater
  2. Zaženi  GenevoUpdater.exe
  3. Z USB kablom priključite detektor na USB priključekna računalniku
  4. Kliknite na gumb "DOWNLOAD"
    Če je naročnina na vaš detektor potekla, jo lahko kupite spodaj ⇓
  5. Končano! Vaša naprava je bila uspešno posodobljena :)

Kako posodobim GENEVO PRO / PRO II na WINDOWS računalniku?

  1. Prepričajte se, da je kontakt vašega vozila popolnoma izklopljen
  2. Vstavite GENEVO USB ključek v vaš detektor, zaženite avto in po zvočnem signalu izklopite USB ključek
    (Uporabite priloženi USB ključek, formatiran s FAT 32).  

    Pri posodabljanju naših naprav priporočamo uporabo originalnega USB ključa GENEVO. Pri posodabljanju naših izdelkov z drugim USB ključem, ki ni originalni, lahko pride do napake, naprava za shranjevanje ne bo prepoznana in posodobitev ne bo izvedena. Za posodabljanje sicer priporočamo USB ključke Samsung in SanDisk s kapaciteto manjšo od 64 GB, shranjevalna naprava mora biti formatirana na datotečni sistem FAT32.

  3. Prenesi GENEVO Updater (za Windows)
  4. Zaženi  GenevoUpdater.exe
  5. Vključite GENEVO USB ključek na USB priključek na računalniku
  6. Kliknite na gumb "DOWNLOAD"
  7. Prepričajte se, da je kontakt vašega vozila popolnoma izklopljen in ponovite 2. korak, na zaslonu bo prikazan postopek posodobitve
  8. Končano! Vaša naprava je bila uspešno posodobljena :)


  1. Izvlecite kartico SD iz Protectorja in jo vstavite v računalnik z operacijskim sistemom Windows.
  2. Zaženite aplikacijo TOOLS (različica A) s kartice SD.
  3. Kliknite gumb "YES" v TOOLS (posodobitev se bo začela)
  4. Varno odstranite kartico SD s funkcijo »Varno odstrani strojno opremo in izvrzi« (funkcija Windows).
  5. Posodobljeno kartico SD vstavite nazaj v napravo.
  6. Končano! Vaša naprava je bila uspešno posodobljena :)

Genevo Detectors


Pred nakupom preverite, ali so vaši napravi že aktivirane doživljenjske posodobitve!

Zadnja verzija: 27.03.2023

€ 25

How radar detectors work?

We explained everything in this article.

Are radar detectors 100% legal?

Radar detectors do not affect police work in any way, they simply inform you - passive radar detectors are fully legal for use in selected European countries.

Can the portable detector protect me from all kinds of threats?

Our radar detectors can detect most of the generally known radars, thanks to our high-quality GPS database you will also be warned about speed-measuring cameras, section speed cameras and red-light cameras. Although portable radar detectors are capable of alerting you to laser guns, they do not provide 100% protection. In order to be completely protected, you can consider installing laser jammers capable of blocking the laser beam.

What is the warranty for your detectors?

We provide standard two-year international warranty. Regardless to your warranty expiration date, we still provide exceptional worldwide customer support and we are always here to help.

Can I use the portable detector in any car?

Generally, yes, the only limitation are cars equipped with a metal coated (athermic) windscreens. As a solution we offer our built-in systems like GENEVO PRO II.

How often should I update the detector?

New GPS Database is released monthly. We recommend updating your detector at least every quarter. Updates are easy to do and you can find our tutorial here.

The computer does not see the connected detector?

If your PC does not detect the connected detector for updating, we recommend trying a different USB cable, or connecting the detector to another USB port on your computer.

Why did the update process fail?

A failed update may be caused by an antivirus program. Check the settings of your antivirus program and try to temporarily disable it while the detector is updating. If a problem occurs even after turning it off, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with the update.

The detector does not recognize the update USB flashdrive

We recommend using original GENEVO memory flashdrives when updating our built-in systems. With a non-genuine GENEVO flash drive, an error may occur, the storage device may not be recognized and the update will not take place. For updates, we generally recommend using Samsung and SanDisk memory flashdrives with a capacity of less than 64GB and formatting to the FAT32 file system.

Why didn't my portable detector detect a laser?

Our portable detectors are capable of detecting lasers. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that although radar detectors have a laser sensor, due to the instantaneous principle of laser measurement, they usually do not provide enough time for a safe deceleration. In addition, the laser beam must arrive directly at the radar detector, but usually the laser is aimed at the number plate (due to better reflection of the beam), not at the windshield, where the radar detector is located. You can find more about the topic in this article. Currently, there is only one reliable protection against lasers, and that is a built-in laser jammer - contact us for more information.

Malfunctioning power cable in newer BMW cars.

As of 2020, it happens that the power supply of the portable detector from the 12V socket does not work in some BMW car models. The sockets are atypical and some universal power adapters do not work in them. In this case, there are several solutions: The first is the power cable to the USB-C socket, which most of these cars have. Now we also sell a power cable with a USB-C end. The second and more elegant option is a cable for fixed installation, which powers the detector directly from the fuse box and is hidden in the interior of the cabin (we are happy to arrange the installation and it takes about 30 minutes).

Can I reinstall a built-in radar detector from car to car?

Built-in radar detectors are physically and structurally connected to the car and their installation/disassembly needs to be done by a specialist. We recommend transferring built-in systems between vehicles only in case of sale or exchange of the car. Another option for using one product in multiple vehicles is to purchase a portable radar detector and a kit for the second vehicle a kit for the second vehicle that includes a power cable / fixed-mount cable and a windshield mount.

How does the 30 day trial work?

If you buy a radar detector from us and you are not satisfied with it, there is an option to return it within 30 days, both when bought online and in person. Any damage to the detector will of course be taken into account in the amount refunded. If the device is without mechanical damage, functional with complete accessories, we will refund you the full amount.

The detector detects at a very short distance (Metal plated glasses)

A radar detector needs to have access to radar beams from radars for its reliable and trouble-free functionality. A standard car windshield dampens the signal reception only minimally. The problem arises if there is an obstacle between the receiving device and the transmitter (detector and police radar) that reflects the waves. A typical example is the so-called "metal plated" windshields of some cars. You can read more in the article about types of windshields here.

Do I need a vertical or horizontal mount in my country and why?

In some countries, speed radars are installed vertically and in some countries horizontally, therefore, for the best performance it's good to mount the radar detector in the same way. Some kind of radars like the Multanova 6F or GATSO RT4 is best detectable in the vertical position only. Let us know in what country you will use your detector and we will advise what position is the best for you.

Can I use the radar detector on my motorcycle?

Yes! And the same two options are offered just like in automobiles, a portable detector or a fix installed system, there are only a few differences: If you wish to go the portable way, the GENEVO MAX comes with 3,5mm jack to which a Bluetooth headset or a vibrating device can be connected and no radar detections will be missed. Keep in mind that the detector is not water-resistant and some waterproof protection will be necessary. Some plastic camera/phone bag can be used, fortunately, there are many of them on the market. Mounting the detector is up to your imagination, remember, no metal parts should be in its way. Second option is an installed radar detector like the GENEVO PRO with its wateproof radar antenna, if you would like to know more, please contact us.

I am having false alerts, what can I do?

False alert or signal interference is an undesirable phenomenon caused by a detector that is alerting to a different signal source than an actual police radar. Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate them, learn more in this article.

Why are your detectors more expensive than others I found online?

Superior detection and top-of-the-line performance of our radar detectors are based on many years of development. Our own antennas gives you the advantage of detecting the world's most complicated police radars. We are taking care of the European GPS database on our own and update it on daily basis. Our false alerts filtering technology differentiate us from competitors. We test our detectors daily on the road and thoroughly compare them with all competitors to be sure we deliver the best performance we proudly promised. Last but not least we care about our customers and we are always here to help.





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